Support when it's needed most

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Support them through every occasion...
retirement new baby milestone birthday career change infertility graduation health diagnosis pregnancy new move loss
have your support in a safe space
Honour their strength and their occasion
Encourage small moments of kindness

Seasons of transition can disconnect us from our community when we need it most

Together, we can bring light that brightens the next step

No matter how uncertain the future seems, shared light creates space where communities can gather, share and live their journey together.

Creating a network of kindness and support

Share your feelings, memories and stories
Find common ground and connection with others
Create space to experience the moment
Offer encouragement during transition
Inspire hope and courage into the future
Set the stage for a new, chapter of life

There’s nothing to gain from waiting – tell them now

let kindness the way

How it works

Create a tribute

Gather personal stories, photos and other treasures to create a living tribute of their journey.

Invite your community

Welcome family and friends into your group to contribute their own memories and well wishes.

“Elaine was moved to tears. she expressed over and over that she never knew how much value her presence had added to so many people’s lives over her lifetime.”

We can’t make time stop.

But we can make it count.

Meet the founder, Katie

Years ago, when a loved one faced fading health, Katie felt stifled by a culture that refused to admit vulnerability or stop to experience these shakey moments of transition. This experience inspired her to create a space to acknowledge – and tame – the elephant in the room, bringing light where we used to look away.

“Do not save your loving speeches for your friends till they are dead; do not write them on their tombstones, speak them rather now instead.” — Anna Cummins

Every kind word spoken
leaves less room for regret

Make the most of every moment

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