Write the final chapter together

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Support them through every occasion...
retirement new baby milestone birthday career change infertility graduation health diagnosis pregnancy new move loss
cherish, Grieve and heal together in a safe space
Honour their legacy before they pass
Redeem the end-of-life experience for all

Make room for a loving, supportive and healing goodbye

Farewells are a part of life, even when they’re painful. In North America, we often reject that reality until it it’s too late. But, when we gather as a family to share and cherish an ailing loved one’s impact before they pass on, we make room for love to overwhelm grief – if only for a moment.

Supporting each other in the face of loss

Share your love, memories and stories
Find common ground & healing with others
Create space for redemption and freedom
Cherish their legacy with them now
Inspire hope and courage amidst grief
Set the stage for closure and peace

It’s not too late to tell them now

let love light the way

How it works

Create a tribute

Gather stories, photos and other treasures to create a living memorial of your loved one’s life.

Invite your community

Welcome family and friends into your private group to contribute their own memories.

“Elaine was moved to tears. she expressed over and over that she never knew how much value her presence had added to so many people’s lives over her lifetime.”

We can’t make time stop.

But we can make it count.

Meet the founder, Katie

When I created a living memorial for my ailing aunt, the whole experience changed. Our family was able to share in love and grief and cherish her legacy while she was still with us. Now I want to share this powerful experience and shift the mindset around how we deal with death.

“Do not save your loving speeches for your friends till they are dead; do not write them on their tombstones, speak them rather now instead.” — Anna Cummins

Every loving word spoken
leaves less room for regret

Cherish these final moments together

No credit card required