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Patsy Cullen

A Tribute to Everyone's Ma

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Katie Cowan shares     2 years ago

I will never forget the first time I met you- when you and Bill came up to Ontario for our wedding-and Shelby immediately snuggled herself right in beside you on the couch. From that moment on, you were my family, and I have thanked my lucky stars ever since. The internet is full of mother-in-law horror stories, and while we had our ups and downs, I can honestly say, I loved you like my own mother. There are no words to thank you for the presence you have been in my kids’ lives all these years. The many nights you let one of the boy’s crawl into your bed so we could get a decent night’s sleep. The endless patience you had with their not so quiet personalities. The love you gave my daughter like she was your flesh and blood. I can never express how grateful I was all those years for your extra hands, extra love and extra patience. I was struggling with my own demons and at times didn’t show you enough appreciation; I regret that. The legacy you are leaving behind is one of love, nurture and comfort. I will never be able to make Ma’s spaghetti, or your Irish stew or mac and cheese, but I will make them anyways and I will forever hear- it’s just not like Ma’s.
I will keep in my heart the front porch talks we used to have and the stories you shared with me about Ireland, Mark and Paul when they were kids and the heavy burdens of grief you have carried through your life. You are shining example of a strong woman and I am so glad that my daughter grew up surrounded by another strong woman who loved her and helped mold her into the strong woman she has become. I am grateful my boys grew up loved by you and I know how much they love you too, and I know that love will be carried forward into the women they meet and love down the road.
I only knew you for fifteen of your eight-one years, but in that short time I knew I was lucky to know you, to be cared for by you, to be loved by you. I know anyone who knows you feels the same and your legacy and memory will love on in so many hearts for so many years because of the person you chose to be. Life dealt you a rough hand, but instead of becoming imbittered and angry, you chose to give yourself fully to those you loved. You turned your ashes into such beauty, and we all owe you a debt of gratitude for that gift.
I love you.
I will miss you.
But I will hold on to you like I have with Elaine for as long as I live.
Thank you.

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